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MJP Chile WT13 live report (English Translation)

the GazettE WORLD TOUR13
SANTIAGO, CHILE – 2013/09/08

Original: http://pt.musicjapanplus.jp/specialfeatures/10392/the-gazette-world-tour-13-08092013-no-teatro-caupolican-santiago-chile
Text: Denise and Lestrange
Portuguese/English translation: Andy

The second live of “the GazettE WORLD TOUR 13”, their first world tour in six years, was held in Santiago, Chile, on September 8th 2013. Fans could be seen lining up outside of Teatro Caupolicán since early in the morning, and hours before the concert, the GazettE’s photographers crossed through the place, registering all the fans' movements, whom were anxiously waiting to see the band for the first time in Chile.

The gates were opened around 5:30 PM for the members of the official fan club, and little by little the venue was getting crowded, until all the bleachers and floor got loaded by fans that were looking forward to the beginning of the show. A big flag with the GazettE’s logo was placed on the stage’s background, adorning the show’s scenario.
At 17:00 PM, the lights were turned off, and the SE “[XI]” began. Colorful lights shined during the show’s introduction, and the audience cheered while pumping their fists, waiting for the band’s arrival. KAI was the first one to get on stage followed by URUHA, REITA, AOI and the last one, the vocalist RUKI, who grabbed the microphone that was upon the main platform, before the beginning of “VORTEX”. During the song, the crowd sang along in unison and headbanged with the members, to the beat of the melody.  

The audience got even more excited by the sound of the energetic “LEECH”, and during “BEFORE I DECAY”, everyone sang the chorus along with RUKI and banged their heads during  most parts of the song. After the first MC of the night, in which RUKI spoke some phrases in Spanish, the band started “GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS”, from the album released on 2012, DIVISION. The crowd got cheerful when AOI went to URUHA’s side, and played together with him during the second strophe of the song. During the chorus, fans jumped and answered to RUKI’s requests when he asked them to be more enthusiastic. 

The audience went crazy when they heard the intro of “VENOMOUS SPIDER’S WEB”. The song was also marked by lots of headbang during its heavy parts. RUKI sang while jumping, REITA played and moved his entire body, while AOI danced and shook his hips seductively, and URUHA smiled, all of them followed by KAI`s rhythm, who was exploding on his drums.
At one point of the show, the lights faded during a short break, in which the members changed their instruments. While they were standing with their backs to the audience getting ready for the next song, the crowd started to shout AOI’s name many times, until he thumbed up and smiled at them. By seeing his response, the crowd started to shout REITA’s name, who waved his arms in appreciation. Encouraged by the reactions of the two members, the fans started to call for URUHA, who was showing his back to them. Apparently REITA didn’t get the name that the audience was crying out, so AOI went to the bassist and pointed to URUHA, to state that the fans were trying to get the lead guitarist’s attention. URUHA turned to face the fans and thanked putting his palms together, and bowing. Afterwards, the audience tried to get KAI’s attention, who rose from his seat behind the drums and lifted his arms, showing how greatful he was. 

In “THE SUICIDE CIRCUS” the fans sang with one voice the part that says “Tick-tack”, while AOI also repeated the words together with the audience. During the song, URUHA smiled to the fans, and in the chorus it was possible to notice that besides RUKI, some members also sang along far from the microphone while they were concentrated on their instruments, giving the impression that they were enjoying the melody intensely.

The lights faded again, and during the first notes of the ballad “DRIPPING INSANITY”, RUKI moved his body in an expressive way before starting to sing. Even though the rhythm slowed down, that didn't kill the mood, and the public kept singing the song along with the vocalist. “UNTITLED” moved the crowd with its calm and gentle melody, followed by the return of the agitated songs, starting with “DERANGEMENT”.

“HEADACHE MAN” came as one of the hottest songs of the night, when all the fans shaked their heads frenetically, along with the members, from the beginning to the end. The agitation continued with “SLUDGY CULT”, followed by “COCKROACH”. The fans didn’t seem to believe when they heard the first strings of the old song of the band, and one more time, showed that had breath enough to sing, jump and get excited with the members. RUKI then announced the last song of the first part of the show, “FILTH IN THE BEAUTY”. The audience sang as one, accompanied by AOI’s guitar strings and got more crazy to answer RUKI’s requests when he said “COME ON!” in English. By the end of the song, the members quickly got off the stage, leaving the fans on an expectation of an encore.

After a few minutes, the members got back to stage, eliciting many screams of joy from the crowd that was waiting anxiously for the last part of the show. RUKI entered carrying a Chile’s flag, while KAI filmed the fans with his camera and AOI raised a towel written “the GazettE” on his back. REITA and URUHA returned cheerful by the fans answer, wearing t-shirts from the World Tour.

The encore started with “SHIVER”, followed by “RUDER”, during which the members ran through the stage interacting with the audience. After a fast bass solo from REITA, that went to the centre of the stage and animated the crowd with his performance, it was URUHA’s time to perform a solo on the main platform. AOI also climbed the platform to play with URUHA, while RUKI walked from one side to another, throwing water on the audience.

The vocalist then announced the last song of the night, LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~. The place was fulfilled with joy when AOI and URUHA clapped their hands accompanied by the rhythm of KAI’s drums during the beginning of the song; the gesture was followed by the audience. The members walked through the stage, which increased the energy of the fans and after AOI´s solo, RUKI and URUHA  threw more water on the crowd. REITA twisted at the centre of the stage, as he usually does on the GazettE concerts, and accidentally dropped the microphone, without noticing the incident. The fans had fun with the scene, while they enjoyed the last minutes of the show.

At the end of the song, RUKI thanked in Spanish, while the other members threw picks and drum sticks to the fans. The band members left the stage one by one. AOI still threw a towel to the public and said “Gracias” on the microphone before leaving the stage. RUKI was the last one to leave, after throwing many water bottles to the audience.

After the show's ending, fans could be seen with tears in their eyes, moved by the unforgettable moment that left many of them in hopes of the GazettE’s return to the country.


16. LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~

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Mira disse...

Este não foi o report publicado pela Denise antes em português!?

Se for, parabéns Best Friends. Um referência internacional!! ^^

Obrigado Ruby! :)

Ruby disse...

Sim Mira. :) Como a versão acabou não sendo postada no mjp, então deixaram que eu postasse no meu blog. ;)

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